Product information

We produce your wallscape using self-adhesive, removable wall vinyls. We print using odourless, non-toxic latex inks.

How much does it cost?

Cost is related to the size of your print. Simply load your image, set your print size, and the cost will be calculated for you.

Delivery time

Under normal conditions we will have your graphics in a tube and with the courier within 3 business days of receiving your order. In the unlikely event of any damage in shipping, please let us know immediately.

Do you check my file before printing?

No, your file will be printed as uploaded. Typically a file of less than 1 megabyte in size will not have sufficient detail in it to print well. As your print gets larger, to maintain adequate resolution your file should also get larger.


We do not recommend our vinyls be applied to high silicon or teflon painted surfaces. Our products are not suitable for outside use. Our vinyls are all removable. However we cannot guarantee removability without damage to the wall in cases where the underlying paint adhesion is inadequate. Our prints should not be installed in a location where they will be subject to extensive direct sunlight.

No wallpaper paste?

That is right – our ultra-modern self adhesive wall vinyls allow for easy application and removability without the complexity of old fashioned wallpaper. Just remove the backing liner and apply.


We recommend you only upload images for printing for which you are the copyright owner or for which you have an appropriate license or other permission to reproduce.