How to install your mural

STEP 1 - Prepare the Wall

The preparation of the wall is critical for the installation of your collage or mural.

Make sure the wall is smooth & flat.

The Wallscape should not be put over picture hooks, light fixtures or sockets.

STEP 2 - Prepare the graphic

Depending on the size of your Wallscape we recommend 2 people install it.

Move all furniture from in front of the wall so you have plenty of room.

Unroll your Wallscape and lay it flat on the floor.

Mark your wall with guidelines if necessary to ensure your Wallscape is centred and horizontal.

Step 3 - Apply

Peel off the liner a few inches only across the top. Do not peel off the entire liner all at once.

Place the corner of your Wallscape on the wall smooth it onto the wall.

Slowly peel off the back of the Wallscape and continue to smooth it onto the wall.

Remove any bubbles by gently pushing them outward.

Additional drops should overlap by 10mm.

Things to know about installation

Each print will be accompanied by easy to follow installation instructions. Our graphics are wrinkle free and repositionable. The width of each drop will vary depending on the job size, but is normally no more than 1200mm.

Our graphics are recommended for application to internal painted plaster walls. If your paint finish has a high silicon/teflon finish you may find the edges of your print start lifting. In this case the area should be undercoated. We do not recommend our graphics be used in wet areas like bathrooms.